The End of Me

Will you come when I call your name Will you hear, through the darkness, my voice Will you see in my eyes The world I know of My hopes and dreams And the most terrible nightmares Will you hold me when I am weak Will you catch me when I fall Will your arms be […]


Once in a blue moon The colours come back Once in a blue moon The rainbow shines Once in a blue moon The moon gets closer And I get far Far from the world Far from where I stand now Further and further into the beyond Flying across seas Grasslands and rivers Once in a […]


As I sit here, looking upon that Which lies beyond me A vastness of void Serene and endless I reach out and touch That which I see And pulled into it I am All the while, I become Less of me And more of the void that I see


Somewhere in the night Lurking in the dark The shadow of the past Waiting to pounce Waiting to jump at the chance For once he shadow reaches out The claws clasp And grasp me For once he shadow calls me back And I turn I turn and see the demon Its eyes locked to mine […]


I never knew what I felt There were desires, so many of them So many, I forgot the needs I never knew what I felt Were you a desire Was your love a need Or was it something I only thought I felt Was, always, your friendship my priority Was it you who made me […]


The slumber breaks The beast rises Flame and shoot Fire and shadow Biting the flesh Tear by tear Roaring and soaring The claws take apart what remains The beast rises The beast shouts

The Traveler

Right there, A bit ahead of the crossroads; A traveler stands, dazed, confused. Desires tear him apart, Fear and the uncertainty of the coming. The traveler seeks solace, He seeks comfort and love. And a cove, To retire, to hide away Till the morning breaks out, Till the mist clears. The traveler seeks That he […]