I open at the close

There are many many posts regarding Harry Potter-the books, the films, the characters. The wizarding world keeps expanding, trough Rowling’s original work, and the unending fan-fictions and discussions.

I got to read the first book when I was twelve. The story mesmerised me, the characters seemed so close to my heart, similar to the people around me and to myself. As the story moved along I grew up with the characters, their troubles taught me how to deal with mine. Their efforts to fit into their world, to bring about change echoed my own.

The first character I completely adored was Hagrid, the reason being his love for all creatures. He thought that a dragon would be a beautiful pet; that a three-headed dog should be named Fluffy; and that an acromantula is a harmless friend. It was similar to how I thought snakes were amazing, not to be avoided but observed; that all insects must be handled and studied for their beauty; and how I held funeral for the pests caught and killed in our house.

Hermione, with her books and her want for knowledge seemed like me. She taught me that your birth does not define you, and you should not let people treat you badly because of that. She taught me that being smart does not make you a snob; being emotional and sensitive does not make one coward.

Neville Longbottom taught me that quiet people are the strongest, they are the ones that make the tougher choices and take on the challenges thrown their way. He taught me to love passionately whatever I loved, and to hold onto it.

The smart and witty Remus Lupin, forced to live an unstable life, as the consequence of a condition not of his own making. He still loved and cared and fought.

Luna and Nymphaodra- different than expectations, clumsy, dreamy; but the cheerful demeanour hid the strong and intelligent woman inside. They understood things with ease and loved without hindrance. They knew that taking things too seriously is often the biggest mistake we make.

All of these characters taught me that the skills you have matter not; what matters is the choices you make. That frivolity at times can be accepted. That you can choose to live the comfortable life of a recluse; or choose to be brave and fight for what is right. That we have to fight to make a better world, not because we might have a chance to live in it, but because the future generation deserves to not suffer the way we did. That acceptance is the key to love, to change. Harry Potter taught me that I would be damned if I sit at a table doing mundane work while the world is going to waste.


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