Iron Man HUD: 2° person view

Sci-fi interfaces

The HUD itself displays a number of core capabilities across the Iron Man movies prior to its appearance in The Avengers. Cataloguing these capabilities lets us understand (or backworld) how he interacts with the HUD, equipping us to look for its common patterns and possible conflicts. Because nerd like that. First, let’s look at that gorgeous 2° person view.

The first film is the origin story, so it takes some care with introducing the concepts of the Iron Man exosuit to us. When Tony first puts the faceplate on and says to JARVIS, “Engage heads-up display”…


…we see things from a narrative-conceit, 2nd-person perspective, as if the helmet were Tardis-like and we are inside the cavernous space with him, seeing only Tony’s face and the augmented reality interface elements.


I qualify this view as a narrative conceit for several reasons. First, of course the helmet isn’t huge on the inside. Tony hasn’t broken those laws…

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