The Burgeoning Pearl of the Musi

What an Amazing World!

Museum Sumatra Selatan (South Sumatra Museum) Museum Sumatra Selatan (South Sumatra Museum)

September 2004. First time in almost five decades that the Indonesian National Games (PON) were hosted by a city outside the island of Java. A 40,000-seater stadium was built in Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra province, quite possibly the second biggest in the country at that time after the 80,000-seater national stadium in Jakarta. New infrastructures were constructed, including a modern airport that put those of Indonesia’s bigger cities in shame.

November 2011. Indonesia once again hosted the Southeast Asian Games, a bi-annual multi-sporting event that brings together athletes from 11 countries in the region, 14 years after Jakarta last hosted the games. It was the first time for a non-capital city in Indonesia, but 16 years after Thailand’s Chiang Mai in 1995, to ever host the games with Palembang providing most venues for the two-week event.

March 2015. I embarked on a…

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