People travel from other countries to see these doors

Standing Ovation, Seated

A realistically painted landscape is often compared to a window, once it is put on the wall, except that no fresh air is coming through. Expressionists say they’ve solved the problem by pumping their “emotional airs” into your room with bold combinations of pure colours.

Abstractionists say they are not about providing a window at all. They open a door for you through which you can exit into a universe of new ideas. Indeed, the famous Black Square is not a window to the night sky, it is a portal into an art history discussion club.

A gallerist once told me her customers can be roughly divided into the contented type favouring nicely decorated windows, and restless minds in search of a door. Once you understand which group the customer belongs to, you put the appropriate verbal dressing on top of a relevant artwork, and a sale is almost guaranteed.

Restless minds also love taking…

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