Don’t Shy Away from Struggling

In Flow with Otto

Morgenstemning langs elven Li

Struggling with the creative process is good for the process as well as for the end result. It may sound contradictory, but what it really means is that you are not running on auto-pilot. Instead you are forced to use your skills to the utmost to accomplish what you are trying to do. Struggling simply goes along with being creative – sometimes more, sometimes less, but often the more you initially struggle to get where you want to creatively speaking, the better the final result will end up being. I think there is no way around the struggle, and I don’t think we want to either, no matter how painful it feels in the moment. So instead of finding the easy way around the problem, go head and address it with determination as well as a willingness and openness for alternative solutions. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. And you…

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