Vanishing Point

Poesy plus Polemics

"Vanishing Point" Painting by Amanda Hone From “Vanishing Point”
Painting by Amanda Hone

time exists to effectuate motion
like a shark undeterred ever forward
it cannot survive at a standstill
life is living and living is time
changing aging advancing inexorably
life is carried on currents of moments
in movements of undulant progress
each moment each instant within it
abandoned by consequent waves
become part of the past swirled in
troughs left to travel behind and
beneath rolling crests of the present

time and motion behave in an inverse
relationship causing all life to comport
itself tuned to precarious clocks
youth racing with ass-over-teakettle
carelessness bumping and tripping
for uncertain unreachable futures
while time crawls along at a maddening
slow young impatience-filled pace

time and motion so highly subjective
possessed of no absolute essence
we long-in-the-tooth live our motions
unhurried our fire for speed long since
snuffed by our time the same time who

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