Gallery: Fribourg, Switzerland

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One of our favorite cities to travel to in Switzerland, Fribourg is the capital city in the Canton of Fribourg on the Swiss plateau — about 20 miles Southwest of Bern. Located along the Saane/Sarine River, this city is comprised of French, German, Spanish and Italian descendents communing together in a melting pot that is evident in Fribourg’s culture, arts, language, music and cuisine.

Fribourg -- Map

The majority of the city stretches out along the plateau above the River Saane, with the Old City taking its perch on the highest hill overlooking the river. The slopes of the river valley are dotted with thick wooded areas and rolling green grass hills, which attracts tourists and photographers looking to take in the beauty of the region, as well as outdoorsmen, hikers, bicyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts.


The History of Fribourg Switzerland

Founded in the year 1157 A.D., Fribourg was originally built on the…

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