How to Reset Your Life and Your Goals

Tremendous Times

How to Reset Your Life & Your Goals

2015 is close to being half over. Isn’t that crazy to think about?! A few months ago it was New Year’s and you were toasting to 2014, and now you’re thinking about summer vacation time. Our hours and days seem to drag on, but it always seems that the years happen so fast. Gah, I sound like a grandma saying that, but it’s true.

So, what’s happened since you last checked in on your goals? Reflecting on whatever aspirations you had set out to accomplish, whether it was at the beginning of the year or not…have you made steps towards achieving them? Did you save the money you intended to, did you check off something on your bucket list, did you start learning a new language? On top of everything that life throws us, it’s understandable that our goals sometimes get lost in the mix.

Well, it’s time to get them un-lost.


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