Jordan changes visa regulations

Quite Alone

Yesterday (May 4th, 2015) Jordan announced it was changing regulations surrounding tourist visas and taxes. On the face of it, this is very welcome – Jordanian tourism is in a terrible state, and Jordanians are suffering because of it.

However, the changes raise some questions, which as yet remain unanswered.

Here is a link to the full press release.

Now for the detail.


1) Waiving visa fees for tourists of all nationalities coming through Jordanian tour operators whether traveling individually or in groups. The visa fee is waived on the condition that the traveler/travelers spend a minimum of two consecutive nights in Jordan.

Great – a positive, progressive move. It was 13 months ago when the visa fee was doubled overnight, from 20JD to 40JD. That was a mistake. I’m glad it has been rescinded. Now, even travellers who like to travel completely independently are unlikely to…

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