The Date

They had met before, it wasn’t the first time. She finished her work as quickly and nicely she could, called it a day, and walked out of the office. Few steps from the front door, she could see him waiting anxiously on the other side of the road. He always did that- never waited on the same side of the road. He had said he liked to see her expectant face while she waited to cross the road; that the excited smile made the date much better. Lost in thoughts, she failed to realize he had crossed the road and was already holding her hand.

“You…you crossed.”

“Of course I did, it isn’t a date. And I have to rush back.”

It wasn’t a date. It had been two years since they had separated. He had called a few days ago and asked to have lunch together while he was in town. They went to the frequent favorite restaurant; it served wonderful fish- something they never disagreed upon. Everything else in the world could have been, and had been the topic for arguments and debates. In the beginning, the arguments gave fire to their dynamics; but the fire soon spread into their lives, burning down everything they tries to build, everything she worked for. She managed to control much of it; it was not a big deal. Problems started when he stopped putting any effort, and recklessly gave way to troubles. One day, before she could tell him that she had decided to take a break, he walked out on her, leaving behind a note “I cannot handle it all alone”.

The fish curry arrived at the table. They continued to eat in silence, a silence that made them both feel slightly unhappy but somewhat delighted. Then, he looked at her, in way he had looked at her a long time ago.

“Stop it! You know what happened next.”

“You mean how you fell in love with me and loved me from then on.”

“I mean how quickly you fell out of love, and never even looked back.”

“I have always looked back; you had closed your eyes.”

“And I will not open them to see you walk away, again.”


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