Can a magnetic field kill you?

Sublime Curiosity

The answer is yes. Did you forget what blog you were reading? You know I’m going to dial everything up until it gets lethal. A strong enough magnetic field can turn a human being into a mass of fibrous crystals, which is not, as you might imagine, good for biology.

But for once, I’m going to try to start on the low, sensible end of the scale. Actually, since magnetic fields are a bit unintuitive, being invisible and all (and confusing to some musicians, apparently), let’s get an idea how strong an ordinary, every day magnetic field is.

Well, I turned on my smartphone, did a little math, and discovered that the magnetic field at my desk (probably mostly a result of the magnetic field of the Earth) is about 45 microTesla. Technology is awesome.

Purely for amusement purposes, I have a stack of little breathmint-sized neodymium magnets stuck to…

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