The Menjangan Part 2: Underwater Gardens

What an Amazing World!

Underwater Garden at Menjangan Island Underwater Garden at Menjangan Island

He plunged into the water and darted in front of us, the effortless movements of his slender body a telltale of his affinity to the ocean. He looked around, scanning the corals beneath him, and noticed a small arch encrusted with corals tucked amid the colorful garden. Suddenly he took a dive a few meters deep, and swam through the small brittle arch, before finally resurfaced. His graceful maneuver reminded me that of a dolphin.

The Frenchman, Nicolas, was born in Tahiti, and the ocean has never been far from his life – probably also part of his decision to move to Bali, as well as his career of choice as a marine videographer. Together with Made the snorkeling guide, a Singaporean travel writer who couldn’t swim, an aloof and at times seemingly confused Melburnian, James and I, we set off for Menjangan Island off the…

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