And so

There I was, walking through the passageway of frozen dreams;
All alone, in the realm of eternal winter.
A blanket of mist, the shroud of uncertainty;
Roaming, wandering, my soul longing;
It had been ages after the summer breeze.
Soon, lost I was, entangled, wanting to be free;
Wanting to go back, to go back home,
To the warm embrace of comfort.
Not a single path to be found,
Deranged, defeated, I broke down,
Into tears of madness, of pity.
Hope was yet to find me,
As you moved closer, my friend.
And so it happened,
I became whole again, my soul rejuvenated.
Miracle, it was, as we touched;
A subtle smile melted away the worries,
Sunshine through the foggy sky,
I saw a new world, in a new light.
And so it happened,
I was free, yet bound to you.


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